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Pi in the Sky - Space science from NASA and others.

Culture - Museums, books and other smart stuff.

Stock Photo sources - Picture this

Money - Use it or lose it
Film - History and inside sources

Find It

Find out where you are..!

The Virtual Tourist World Map allows finding World Wide Web sites and resources around the world geographically.

Google Earth great mapping - no napping

Starting Point contains links to numerous sites around the world as well as a MetaSearch feature providing one stop access to a number of the Web's most popular search engines.
  • Findspot links all the search engines and includes search instructions on the screen so you don't have to bounce in and out of "help" pages.
  • Metasearch - This page includes: Word search options in some of the leading search drive engines as well as software and reference search options.
  • Yahoo Search Assistance - Perform keyword searches of documents and URLs in this index of Web sites organized by subject.

People - Stuff - and then what..?

WorldPages business search
USPS Zip+4 Code Lookup
Yahoo! People Search

Research Sources

megaConverter    convert everything to anything

Roget's Internet Thesaurus
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Oxford English Dictionary  
A Word a Day

Technical - for MegaNerds


Your Gov and whatever...

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